6 Tools to Help You Get the Cheapest Airfare


Whether you’re traveling for the holidays or vacation, flying might be a necessary expense. How do you make sure you’re getting the cheapest airfare? Booking a flight early as possible is one strategy but not always feasible. There are tools out there to get you where you need to go at the best price possible. […]

What a Smart City Looks Like


What a smart city looks like is certainly open to interpretation. Some might think it’s sustainable, green technologies fueling a city. It could be the internet of things powering a city and the people in it. I came across some really striking art work about what a smart city might look like. You can views […]

Why Google Chrome Is Right For Your Desktop Needs


Last month I came across a good post why Google Chrome is the premier and maybe the best internet browser. Now, I was already using Chrome, but I couldn’t agree with a lot of the author’s points. Chrome provides a unique browsing experience that I find Internet Explorer falls short on. I might not be […]

Where You’ll Find 3D Printing Next


A technology that has gained plenty of momentum in 2013 is 3D printing. It’s become more accessible and accepted as people find more uses for it. Back in July I wrote about how 3D printing will change the running shoe market, but where will we find 3d printing next? Well, anyone up to the challenge […]

Life Sized Hologram: The Next Innovation in Home Entertainment


Think of any sci-fi based movie, game, television show, or book and more times than not a life sized hologram appears. It’s a popular device used in fiction, but it might not be that far fetched for reality. Provision 3D Media is working to develop a viable life sized hologram solution for the home. The […]

How Capturing Kinetic Energy Can Benefit Runners


Two things I wrote most often are technology and running. Whenever I get a chance to combine the two, I feel that Amplify’s theme of people empowered by technology really resonates. When I learned about a device that makes capturing kinetic energy possible, I knew it was a good fit for Amplify. myPower is a […]

What 3D Printed Running Shoes Means for Runners

3d printed running shoes

The Financial Times recently broke a story about the increased interest in 3D Running Shoes by major brands (i.e. Nike and Adidas).  If you’re not familiar with the concept of 3D printing, then let me break it down for you. 3D printing creates a three dimensional solid object from a digital model (source: Wikipedia). What […]

Does Technology Make Us Lazy?


Does technology make us lazy? It’s an interesting question at this moment as technology continues to quickly evolve as well as  become more mainstream. What prompted the question was a conversation with my wife. I was typing up my Trending on Amplify post for the end of the week and watched a short video that […]

Looking for a Tech Conference? Try Techweek Chicago

tech conference

On June 27-29 over 8,000 people will gather in Chicago for the 2013 Techweek conference. The 3 day event covers all the latest innovation and technology on the market as well as what is up and coming. As far as 2013 tech conferences go, this is the place to be. I decided to go Techweek […]

What the Breakthrough in Robotic Limbs Can Teach Us About Technology

Robotic Limbs - Did You Miss the Breakthrough in Robotic Limbs

60 Minutes probably had one of the more impressive segments in recent history last night. As soon as I saw Scott Pelley introduce the piece on robotic limbs, I was hooked. If you’ve read Amplify for a while, you know I’m big on how technology empowers us. I write a lot about fitness, productivity, entertainment, […]

Augmented Reality Apps: The Next Innovation for Mobile Apps

Augmented reality apps: Talk to Esquire

I finally found someone (or something) that will listen to me. Thanks to augmented reality apps, my questions never go unanswered. There’s a new wave of innovation changing the way you and I search for anything. Augmented reality takes a live view of a physical environment and augments by with sound, video, and graphics. How […]

How YouTube Will Destroy Television


Remember when YouTube was full of just user-generated amateur clips? Maybe not because YouTube has matured pretty significantly since it first went live. The video-sharing site is now poised to destroy television. But let’s not prepare a eulogy for television just yet – maybe think about calling the coroner though. I’m just not referring to the […]

Where Is My Iron Man Suit?

Iron Man

The idea of Iron Man fascinates me. Superhuman strength via technology without the side effects of gamma rays, radiation, potions, or deals with the devil. There’s a lot of upside to what Iron Man offers. It’s the concept of power armor is what gets my imagination going. Part of the reason I named this blog […]

How the Smartphone Overtook the Feature Phone


Remember when a smartphone was cutting edge? I still remember when someone at my office brought one in to show it off. At that time, I had only heard of a “smartphone”; my feature phone at the time didn’t even have a camera! The concept of having a computer in your pocket sounded like science […]

How to Navigate the Changing Streaming Music Landscape

streaming music

If you’re a casual music fan or a serious one, at some point you’ve streamed music on a mobile device or desktop client. The technology has quickly replaced radio and given the listener control over the songs they want to hear and when they want to hear it. With that control comes many options as […]

Google Fiber and Kansas City: The Future is Now

Kansas City

What does a future city look like in America? Take a look at Kansas City and Google Fiber. The Google Fiber experiment installed in its light speed fast broadband network and catapulted the city in to the future. There obvious benefits to having a network this fast. Downloading movies and music are as easy as flipping […]

Tips for Streaming Movies Online and Site Review

Streaming movies online

A couple of weeks I posted the steps to connect your iPad (or mobile device) to your TV. That turned out to be the easy part. What I didn’t anticipate was the difficult decision on which streaming movie service to select. Surprisingly, the market for streaming movies isn’t as big I thought. But before I get to the options […]

Are You Ready to be a Cyborg?

Are You Ready to be a Cyborg?

With the introduction of Google Glass and announcements of a Smart Watch from Apple and Samsung, the race is on for human augmentation. Or basically, we’re a little bit closer to becoming cyborgs. Not ready to get completely plugged in and downloaded? Relax, you have some time to warm up to the concept. Before I […]

How to Connect Your iPad to Your TV

photo 1

How to Connect Your iPad to Your TV – The Setup My DVD subscription to Netflix felt antiquated. Remembering to mail DVDs and maintaining a queue for future viewing felt very 5 years ago. The answer? Connect my iPad to my TV and then stream movies online. You might be wondering what took me so […]