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I’m always interested in ways to stay motivated for fitness. Smartphone apps are great for mobility and specialization. I can personalize all my settings and share my results when I feel I have something worth sharing. But what about a platform where I would share everything I did? Would that keep me motivated? What if I wanted competition with others? Where would go?

I found the answers to these questions via the social networking platforms Daily Mile and Fitocracy. Both are sites focusing on fitness but do differ a number of ways after a closer look.

Daily Mile

Daily Mile

Though it touts i’ts for all forms of fitness, Daily Mile has an obvious social network focus on runners. My observations:

  • Twitter-like feed to share miles run or other activities
  • Search for running events in your area, and even add a review of the event
  • Local-weather links
  • Mapping tools to create runs for personal or public use
  • Training log
  • Challenges with other Daily Mile members



This site is more open-ended in that it appeals to various fitness interests. Here’s what you find:

  • The Feed – Ability to watch friends or other people and what they’re up to in terms of fitness.
  • Points and Levels – This is like a gaming experience in that logging exercises gets you points and ultimately up in Fitocracy levels
  • Tracking Workouts – Showing improvement in fitness is another way to get points and move up levels
  • Groups and Challenges – This is pretty cool because you can find a group for almost anything (Runners, weight lifters, Marvel Superheroes, etc.). Like minded folks sharing strategies on fitness, or looking for competition.

I can’t say I’d choose one over the other. Daily Mile is a little more of a controlled atmosphere where users are selective in what’s disclosed about fitness activity (again primarily runners based on my experience).

Fitocracy, is more wide open in social networking terms. Probably more like Twitter because the Feed will give you everything that’s going on in the Fitocracy universe. A little overwhelming at first but after a couple of uses, it’s easy to manuever. Users can find their niche and stay there or branch out whenever. It’s also easier to link up with other users. Users give “props” and it’s like an invitation to become fitness friends.

Here’s my criticism of both sites: I don’t have time. I’m already on Twitter, I write this blog, and Facebook is after an thought right now. Adding another social networking element is tough for me to juggle. Now, I’m Gen-Xer so maybe a Millennial can multi-task enough to add another site to their social networking bank. For me, it’s too much.

I still prefer smartphone apps and then Tweeting out what I want to share. There’s also the community I’ve created on on Twitter. My feed consists of fitness minded folks, tech bloggers, conspiracy theorists, and sci-fi junkies. All my people. Maybe not so much the case on the Daily Mile and Fitocracy. Yes, fitness focused but how else would I connect with these people? Sharing push-up strategies only go so far.

I’m a believer in virtual motivation. What’s great about it is that this platform continues to evolve and these two sites are more evidence that there’s something for everyone out there.

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