1000 Mile Running Socks Review


All socks are created equal, right? Not exactly. When it comes to running, choosing the right socks for training can be just as important as the shoes. Why do running socks matter? For starters, the word “blister” should strike fear in the heart of any runner. Whether you’re a beginning runner or an experienced one, […]

LEO: The Rise of the Intelligent Fitness Wearable


Change is coming to wearable technology. No longer will devices provide passive information, but instead they’ll become intelligent and proactive for runners (or fitness in general). One of the devices that is standing out is LEO, an intelligent fitness wearable that monitors and coaches. Meet LEO This isn’t like any other wearable that you wear […]

Step into the Future with the Under Armour Spine Clutch


My boys have hit the phase where the word “cool” is used for everything. At ages 5 and 2, I’m not sure they really understand what cool really means – maybe my 5 year old. Cookies – cool. Playing outside – cool. The set of Knight action figures and castle – cool. Taking a bath […]

Unlock the Power of Wearable Technology for Running


Wearable technology for running gives elite and recreational runners a lot of information towards achieving a goal or hitting that PR. Many us of turn to technology to know more about our running, but it that’s easier said (or written) than done. If you’re into self-tracking, quantified self, or just want to achieve a goal, […]

How to Get the Best GPS Signal for Your Running App


For all my friends that run with a smart phone, you no doubt lean on a good GPS signal to track your running. Whether you’re an urban, suburban, or rural runner (am I missing any others?) getting the best GPS signal for your running is critical. I’ve been duped by a bad GPS signal before. […]

A Must Watch Video: Is Technology Making Us Faster?

Well, score one for technology – kind of. In this TED talk by David Epstein, he answers the question if athletes today are getting faster, better and stronger? Technology plays an important part in today’s development of an athlete, but it’s not the only part. In the video you’ll learn the other surprising factor influencing athletes […]

Confessions of a Runner Who Uses Technology


As a runner who uses technology I feel that transparency is important. The internet, blogging specifically, can lead people to believe that everything they see on the screen is true. Persona’s are created and distributed - over time lack authenticity. I’m going to touch on a few areas, truths if you will, that will shed more […]

OMsignal Smart Shirt Review


While the activity tracker market continues to find itself, the smart fabric market continues to make progress. OMsignal is the latest smart fabric to impact the wearable tech market. In the post, I’ll provide you with an overview of OMsignal and how it can enhance your running. What is OMsignal? OMsignal is a compression shirt that […]

How to Get Strategic About Your Running Goals


Achieving a personal best in a 10K didn’t just happen by accident. I wasn’t surprised by my time but I was pleased. How did I get there? I got strategic with my running goals. In this post, I’ll share my thoughts how to think strategically about your running goals and a tool to help. Human […]

Bio Skin Compression Review


In a post last week, I ran published another “Know Your Tech” on compression gear. One of the companies I highlighted as a leader in the category is Bio Skin. This Oregon-based company provides high quality compression gear that runners will no doubt appreciate. In the post, I’ll introduce you to Bio Skin and their […]

Why I’m Not On The DailyMile Any More

It had to happen eventually – too many social networks, too little time. I’m no longer on the DailyMile platform for running. I know it’s not exactly breaking news, but it’s worth sharing for a couple of reasons. But first… What is the DailyMile? If you’re not familiar with the DailyMile, it is a social […]

Know Your Tech: Compression Apparel for Runners


You might have seen the bright colored socks, tights, or sleeves either on a recent run or race. That’s compression apparel and it’s not necessarily about fashion but rather function. If you’ve found yourself wondering if compression apparel is right for your running, then this post will help answer: How does compression apparel work for a running […]

Spartan Strength Training for Runners


The Spartan philosophy has permeated it’s way into health and fitness since the movie 300 came out back in 2006. Before then, the Battle of Thermpopalaye and the Spartan way of life were resigned to the history books. Suddently, showcase abs and tunics and the Spartan craze took off. Google Spartan training and you’ll get the plenty of […]

Which Side of the Human Revolution Are You On?


What is the Human Revolution? It’s a technological awakening for health and fitness. Pretty fancy definition, huh? It’s a movement that’s been building for a while, I just decided to put a name behind it. The concept of the Human Revolution is to attain health and fitness goals with the use of technology as a […]

7 Great Running Shoes for Wide Feet

People with wide feet don’t always get the respect they deserve. That’s my take recently. I became a pretty ardent supporter of Pearl Izumi’s M2 because of its light weight and solid stability. What I didn’t realize was just how narrow it was. Now at first I thought the shoe was – well – tight. […]

8 Revolutionary Methods to Augment Your Health and Fitness Through Technology


We live in a time where technology can either work for us or against us. If trying to lose weight or attain a healthy goal, you might be interested in a few ways technology can augment your health and fitness goals. I refer to this augmentation as the human revolution. It’s a movement where people […]

Project Stealth Update: No Snacking, Adding Muscle But Not Losing Weight


It’s a couple of weeks since my last update on my Project Stealth (aka weight loss plan). I thought this would be a good time to post an update on not losing weight. I’m still at 200 pounds which nets me a three pound loss since my first post (which was about month ago). No […]

Amazon’s Wearable Technology Store Is Your New One-Stop Shop


Shopping for wearable technology just got easier with the announcement of Amazon’s Wearable Technology store. This dedicated store services all your wearable tech needs: smartwatches, activity trackers, healthcare devices, and wearable cameras. There’s even something for the cat or dog? I’m sure it’s completely necessary. This store is no different from any other supported by Amazon. All […]